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Portland, OR


A New PDX Puppet Collective

Katie McClenahan

We heard from some little birdies that a new collective is forming in Portland.  See the details below for more information - sounds all-inclusive and like an all-out good time!

DETAILS from the DIRECTOR, Cherie Panek:

Objective: To create a puppetry lab/workout space for performing objects (and their Significant Others.) 

Who: Puppets, masks, objects, etc., along with puppeteers and physical performers of all kinds who'd love to partner with them. 

What: A collective lab and creative play space to get in shape, stay in shape, collaborate, connect, network, inspire, explore, encourage and strengthen our puppetry skills. We will be working as a collective while also sharing facilitation and studio time. 

When: Starting March 1, 2016 from 8:30-10:30pm. The collective will be held at the same time and location every other Tuesday until the end of May. 

Remaining dates: March 29th , April 12th, April 26th,  May 10th & May 24th

*After the first few collective labs we will be developing a calendar for people to sign up on different days so they could have an opportunity to lead either a warm-up or a group puppetry exercise. If facilitating something does not interest you, no worries, we are equipped with several exercises and activities to explore and keep us busy

Where: N.E.W (New Expressive Works-also known Studio2@Zoomtopia 810 SE Belmont, Ste. 2 )

Why: To help build and develop the PDX performing puppetry/object community. To help strengthen and practice our craft in puppetry art. Plus, nobody likes a flabby puppet. And everybody loves having really good hands. 

Cost: rental for the space is $30 per evening. This total will then be split between each evening's participants. (Always free for objects.) The most each evening will ever cost an individual is $10 but it could also be as low as $2.50 depending on the total number of participants each night. Max 12 participants per evening. We know people are busy so there is no obligation to attend all of them. You will pay the night of the collective. Cash or check only. Please be sure to RSVP to email if you are planning to attend so that we can put you on that evenings list. 

*If you are a person that is really interested but has financial restrictions please email us and let us know. 

Other details: Only bare-feet, socks or non-marking, non-street shoes allowed on studio floor. Shoes previously worn on the streets or outside are not permitted footwear on studio floor. Please also be sure to wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. The studio also asks that you refrain from using perfumes, aftershaves or other scented products in the studio. 

A variety of practice puppets, objects, and masks will be available to use and explore-but don’t hesitate to bring puppets of your own. Hope to see you there! 

For questions and to RSVP if attending: