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Submit your show/film for the next puppet slam!

Katie McClenahan

Robert Amico + Keziah Peterson in Puppet Slam 2017

Robert Amico + Keziah Peterson in Puppet Slam 2017

The Beady Little Eyes Puppet Slam is seeking submissions in the form of live acts and short films for their August PUPPET SLAM. The next slam will take place at the Headwaters Theater in North Portland.

DATES:  August 15 @ 8pm, August 16 @ 8pm and August 17 @ 2pm and 8pm

THAT'S FOUR SHOWS!  We are hoping that you want to commit to participating in all the performances, but do let us know if you can only be available for a few of the shows (and which ones!). You must be able to perform in AT LEAST two of the shows scheduled AND attend the tech rehearsal scheduled for Thursday Aug 15th @ 5pm.  Each act will be paid a stipend of $35 per show.

FOR LIVE ACT SUBMISSIONS: Please email your proposed puppet show in a 2-3 sentence synopsis.  It can be a show you've already done or a new piece that you have yet to work on.  Please send pictures of your work or a website / youtube link of  live performance.  
FOR FILM SUBMISSIONS:  Please send a youtube/vimeo link to

All shows/films must be 3 - 9 minutes in length!  
We can't consider shows that are longer than 9 minutes.


Send all submissions to: