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August 20th Slam Submissions Open

Katie McClenahan

We are now accepting live act and film submissions for the next puppet slam. This slam will take place at the Someday Lounge in downtown Portland on Saturday, August 20th at 7pm. You do not have to be local to submit your puppet film!  We screen films from all over.

This slam is a free for all AKA no theme.  However, just to spice it up, it will be called the “Quick and Dirty Puppet Slam”. Which is a theme, but not really since all puppet slams are quick and dirty.  Confused yet?

FOR LIVE ACT SUBMISSIONS: Please email your proposed puppet show.  It can be a show you’ve already done or a new piece that you have yet to work on.  (Example: I want to do a piece about a lobster who dreams of becoming a circus performer.)  Remember story is most important!  If we are not already familiar with your work, please send pictures of your past work or a website/youtube link. Your past work does not have to be puppets; it can be paintings or collage or sculpture, something to show what you can do.
All shows must be 2 - 8 minutes in length. 

FOR FILM SUBMISSIONS:  Please send a youtube/vimeo link to You may also mail a DVD. Please email for more information.

Send all submissions to:
Please submit your proposals/films by Friday, July 29th to be considered.  Are you too scared to submit?  Never shown your work in front of an audience?  Never even done a puppet show before? Do it anyway! Trust us…it’s all fun.