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Perform in the next SLAM!

Katie McClenahan

The last slam was full of bull(frogs)!

The next PDX puppet slam will take place on Saturday, November 20th at the Someday Lounge downtown from 7-9pm.

We are looking for shows and films!

We are looking to expand these slams to include various kinds of puppetry.  The ultimate goal is to encourage the production of new work. Shows can be simple, funny, or dark.  The one thing we ask is that you have a STORY to tell with puppets/objects in 8 minutes or less!

To submit:
Please email your proposed story that relates to the theme, pictures of your past work and a website link (if you have one). Your past work does not have to be puppets; it can be paintings or collage or sculpture. Show us your style!
If you are submitting a short film, just send a link for viewing!

Email submissions to:

Please reply by October 15th if you are interested!  We will let you know by October 22nd if you show/film has been selected.