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Sept Puppet Slam Submissions Open!

Katie McClenahan

Dear Lovely Puppet People,

We’ve booked a real kick-butt venue for the next PUPPET SLAM…(drum roll)… Disjecta! And we are putting on 2 shows in 1 night on SATURDAY SEPT 22nd @ 7pm and 9:30pm.

Submissions are now open:
THEME: Best of the best - your best show. Time to pull out your best piece.  If you don’t know which piece is your best, phone a friend.
FOR LIVE ACT SUBMISSIONS: Please email your proposed puppet show in a short 2-3 sentence synopsis.  It can be a show you’ve already done or a new piece that you have yet to work on. Please send pictures of your past work or a website/youtube link.  All shows must be 2 - 8 minutes in length.
FOR FILM SUBMISSIONS:  Please send a youtube/vimeo link.

Send all submissions to:

Submit shows by September 1st to be considered.  Out-of-towners, please note: We are looking for some folks to represent the east coast, let us know if you’re interested and we would love to work out some funding.

Spread the word!

Yours in puppets,

Katie and the Beady Little Eyes Crew