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Katie McClenahan

Submissions are now open for the next PUPPET SLAM! It will be on SATURDAY April 27th @ 7:30pm and 9:30pm at the beautiful Disjecta in Kenton.

THEME: OPEN (there is no theme. Go crazy, my little crickets)

FOR LIVE ACT SUBMISSIONS: Please email your proposed puppet show in a short 2-3 sentence synopsis.  It can be a show you’ve already done or a new piece that you have yet to work on.  If we are not already familiar with your work, please send pictures of your past work or a website/youtube link.  All shows must be 2 - 8 minutes in length. Send to: katie(at)

FOR SHORT FILM SUBMISSIONS:  Please send a youtube/vimeo link to katie(at) You may also mail a DVD.

Submit your show before APRIL1st to be considered.

OUT-OF-TOWNERS: We are looking for some folks to present amazing puppet works created outside of Portland, let me know if you’re interested in traveling here for the slam and I would love to work out some funding.

Have a super day!


Photo by Ben Adams