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Jim Henson Foundation Offers Residency @ the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

Katie McClenahan

We here at BLE are HUGE fans of the National Puppetry Conference and the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center.  They harbor safe spaces to let puppeteers be artists and risk freely in a constructive environment.  There is a new residency that is fully supported, so if you have a grand idea and no idea how to make it happen, you should give this a shot! Letters of intent are due July 17, 2017! 

Held at the O'Neill's Waterford campus, the residency expands and broadens the work of the National Puppetry Conference and offers space and support to a deserving artist/company towards the completion of a new work of puppet theater. Interested puppeteers and puppetry companies are invited to submit Letters of Intent.

Residencies may be between 2-4 weeks, can support up to 10-12 project participants, and covers full room and board. Dramaturgical support for the project will be provided by the O'Neill's literary office, a unique feature of the residency that is comparable to the support offered to plays developed at the O'Neill's National Playwrights Conference.  The residency can take place during the winter, spring, or fall months, with space available beginning in January 2018.

See this link for more information!